Here are some comments from our customer's:

* Thanks for the great coffee. I tried the Campfire Roast and really enjoy it. I will definately be an on going customer and am glad to get beans from a local roaster. Keep up the good work! Sheryll *

*I recently had the opportunity to taste one of your coffee's frankly I was impressed. Tony *

* We love your coffee and are happy to see it sold at our favorite store! Keep up the great work and may god bless you! Michelle *

* I want to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your coffee. The "Campfire Roast" is my favorite. Most importantly I appreciate your philosophy and that you are giving back to the community. Katy *

* On a recent trip to Spokane Wa. We purchased a pound of your coffee to try when we got home.We were both very impressed and thought it was probably the best coffee either of us had ever had. I had also bought several other pounds of other coffee's ( Tully's, Fog Woman ect) local to WA region and your's was the best. I was happy to see you offer it online. Steph *

* I just placed an order for Flowery Trail ( Great Sunday Morning coffee) Ron *

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